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Health and Safety in the Workplace

It is best to be mindful of health and safety regulations when you start your business.  Even a brand spanking new shop can have potential hazards that open your company up to possible fines and litigation or cause you undue expense or cause injury or even death to workers. 

A hazard-free environment is almost an impossibility; but with vigilance, training, solid policies and procedures, judicial maintenance of equipment, proper workwear, personal safety gear, and good practices, companies can certainly minimize the risks.

Familiarize yourself with the workplace safety laws in your country.

For the U. S.  :  Occupational Safety & Health Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor
Canada  : Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety
U.K.  : Health and Safety Executive
Australia : National Occupational Health and Safety Commission
New Zealand : Department of Labour, health and safety section

Posted on Wednesday, August 02, 2006 (Archive on Monday, January 01, 0001)
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