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Software Piracy - It's a crime!



Software piracy is a crime and is dramatically affects the software industry.softwarepiracy.gif

Piracy drives up prices, reduces development and innovation, and affects the jobs and lives of millions within the IT sector.

By using Genuine Wilcom Software, you are voicing your support for the industry and are protecting your self from criminal prosecution.

Genuine Wilcom software is software that is licensed by Wilcom, certified as authentic by Wilcom, and published and supported by Wilcom. The benefits of using genuine Wilcom software include:

Reliability: Using genuine Wilcom software ensures that the software you purchase is of the best quality and is totally reliable. Wilcom’s 25 years of experience is behind every legitimate copy to ensure you get the best performing software available.

 Access to updates: Using genuine Wilcom software is the only way to receive the latest product support, updates, features and enhancements that enable you to remain competitive in the embroidery business.

Be part of the Wilcom family: New innovations and offerings reserved exclusively for genuine Wilcom software users help you keep pace with the latest technology and constantly expand and improve the capabilities of your software.

Freedom from prosecution: Wilcom takes piracy seriously and will instigate legal action against those found to be possessing, using or distributing illegal copies of Wilcom software.

While you may know that copying and/or distributing copyrighted software illegally is considered piracy, you may not be aware that even possession of software that has been illegally copied is piracy. There are actually many distinct types of software piracy, and familiarity with them can protect you from any connection, even if unintentional, to intellectual property theft.

How do I know if my software is legitimate Wilcom product?

If the price of the software is too good to be true, the chances are it's illegal or unlicensed. In addition, pirated software packaging can look very similar to the genuine product. In order to be certain about the authenticity of your Wilcom products, buy from a familiar, reputable reseller, listed on the Wilcom web site.

If in doubt email for clarification at any time.

Genuine Wilcom software will require an authorization code to activate the software.

All Wilcom dongles are supplied an Access Code to activate them. These access codes are issued by Wilcom International Pty Ltd and validate a legal dongle.

Types of Software Piracy

Counterfeiting: When illegal copies of software are made and distributed in packaging that reproduces the manufacturer's packaging. Counterfeit registration cards with unauthorized serial numbers are often included in these packages. This is the most common way for Illegal Wilcom software to be distributed.

Online Auction Piracy: takes several forms, such as:

Software resold in violation of the original terms of sale, NFR (Not for Resale), or OEM software that is never authorized for resale by a third party.

Online distributors offering special deals with the software publisher, liquidated inventories, or acquisition through bankruptcy sales. These types of phrases are used to fool consumers into believing that they are getting genuine product that wouldn't otherwise be discounted.

End-User piracy: When users copy software without appropriate licensing for each copy. This includes both casual copying and distribution between individuals, and companies who do not strictly monitor the number of software licenses they install and do not acquire enough licenses to cover their software installations.

How can you help?

You can help, and by helping you are protecting your investment and the industry.

Report Wilcom software piracy to

Information on software piracy can also be found at

Posted on Tuesday, August 01, 2006 (Archive on Monday, January 01, 0001)
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They say not to buy from bankruptcy sales, but the founder of Wilcom is bankrupt himself:
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this is a good article fully elloborted.
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It was the BSAA and Wilcom settled for over $250,000 - yes it was mostly Microsoft stuff they pirated
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good ...
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The BSA did over Wilcom for pirating Microsoft products a few years back. How insincere is this article then?
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Great article! I didn't know it was so bad!
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